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    Networking, it’s a Piece of Cake!

    When people network with each other, one touching one, there is no limit to what they can achieve. The Cupcake Network takes your love of Baking, your heart for children and your relationships with others and translates that into an international network of lovely people. People all across the world will bake a few cakes, sell them to their friends and send the funds into the network all in one common language, the love of a child.

    The Broken Mind of a Child

    This year your efforts will support sending a team of traumatologists to the Philippines where they will provide psychological support to families and children who have lost everything in the recent Typhoon. Next year it could be your neighborhood. The goal is a simple one, rebuilding families whose lives have been devastated by disaster, one mind at a time. When Children see death and dying, they can’t comprehend what is really happening, often they have night terrors, bad dreams or their behavior changes. There is a need to help these children overcome their fears and to help them put their lives back together.

    Wherever we go as a team, we assemble a group of local leaders and train them to provide follow up care for six full months. Physicians, Nurses, Psychologists and Clergy can all be trained to offer some level of stress debriefing and in a local setting with a familiar local accent and this is invaluable to a hurting child. A child may hug a stuffed toy, but the mental scars can run deep and cause untold problems in his or her development. It is common in the new world to send counselors to every disaster, but then again, we have that luxury. The refugees in Cebu right now are struggling to even be seen in a sea of despair, the children looking at their parents for solace, their parents looking back through the tears with all hope lost. We will restore that hope, with your help.

    Some people send toys, some send food, but you are the mighty force who will bake up a storm and by your contributions; you will wrap your arms around a hurting child this Christmas by allowing them to feel loved again. Please help us get the message out via Facebook, Twitter, all social networking media and by the old fashioned means, talk to anyone you know. Someone said this couldn’t be done; so let’s show them what we little people CAN do!

    Let’s see what happens when you start “Baking Love” in your kitchen.

    First you…

    Then you…

    Now you…

    Finally, you…

    Send in your donations. And just in case you don't bake - donate!

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