What First?

    So you’re not Gordon Ramsey but….

if you can bake cupcakes and you know three friends who can, we really need your help!


    It’s a simple formula JOIN – BAKE – SELL – SEND. It’s free to join! You bake cupcakes, you sell them, and you send in the donations. It’s simple but you will have made a huge difference from your own kitchen that touches the other side of the world. Turn it into a family affair and do this with your kids during the holiday season. After all, it’s all about sharing and giving to those who are in need.

    Magic happens when you’re in the kitchen “Baking Love” for refugee children in the city of Cebu in the Philippines who have lost everything in the recent Typhoon. Imagine not even having a toy to call your own, and the dreams of seeing dead bodies in the street or losing a loved one haunt you and keep you awake at night. We can help these children to heal psychologically from this trauma and without that help, their lives may never be the same again.

    Due to the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, many children have no Christmas this December and yes, it’s just around the corner. For our “Baking Love” campaign to work, we need to get the word out so this goes crazy viral now!  You have a chance to get involved and make a difference. Winston Churchill once said “History will be good to me for I intend to write it”, so now is your chance to be a part of something you will never forget, to help a child in need. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you can bake, you’re our family and you can join the network, and doesn’t it feel good to belong!


    Please ‘right click and save’ the logo below and change your Facebook profile photo to reflect your support the first week of December or longer, and encourage all your friends to do the same. It’s a status thing.



    Here’s the deal one more time, we need you to bake cupcakes, to sell them at work, school, church, or wherever you can and to enlist three of your friends, Facebook (or real) to do the same (the “network”). Can you and your family reach $100 and get yourself into the “Cupcake Hundred Club?” You’ll get a tax receipt and a certificate of appreciation for your donation. If you do this, you will have taken the fears from a child and given them Christmas back.

    Just CLICK HERE to join the Network and start baking!

    First you…

    Then you…

    Now you…

    Finally, you…

    Send in your donations. And just in case you don't bake - donate!

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