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    Walking in Cebu | Update Day 18

    Hello, Cupcake Network™ Partners! Fr. Simon here. Please look at our latest update video below.

    It’s been a prosperous journey since my arrival here in Cebu, Philippines. Thank you to The Cupcake Network™ team who are continuing their efforts to bake cupcakes for the Baking Love Campaign 2013. Our team is still in the Philippines through January 2014 and we desperately need your continued participation. Our goal was to provide pediatric PTSD counseling, grief counseling, and arrange food and care to 1,000 children in the hardest hit area of the Philippines. We have done that and exceeded our initial goals. We have touched thousands of lives, including children through counseling, prayer, and feeding them their favorite food at Christmas. For those of you who are just joining in, please go to and join with us in BAKING and TAKING love to the children of the Philippines.

    Thank you so much!
    Fr. S

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