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    Walking in Cebu | Update Day 17

    Hello everyone!

    Fr. Simon here. So a neat little story: I was in a remote village that had been hit by the typhoon, we were handing out spaghetti dinners to needy families when suddenly I heard a bell ringing. A man on a bicycle with a cooler attached was selling ice cream. A couple of kids had ice cream but most just looked sad while the parents stood in line for food aid. I asked a local girl to tell me how much the ice cream costs and she said 10 pesos (less than a quarter). So I had the kids come forward and totally cleaned him out This ice cream guy looked confused like he’d won the lottery the kids were all smiles. My friend took some pictures which hopefully she will email me tonight but what a great feeling it was, simple and effective ministry!

    God’s blessings to all.

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