Walking in Cebu | Update Day 16

    Hello everyone! Fr. Simon here.

    I would like to say Merry Christmas to all of my friends around the globe!

    A few short weeks ago Mrs. Carolyn Peck suggested that I might be useful in the Philippines after the Typhoon had hit. She is an extraordinary visionary and when she says something, you listen..carefully! I prayed and God gave me a plan for The Cupcake Network and a non-profit affiliate was born. Thanks to Alex Delgado and John Turner we got some airtime, then thanks to Cristina Moreno we ended up doing a news segment, Karen Cook says come and use my place!. Timothy Langley creates artwork and a website in record time and Laura Montes and her daughters help me raise some $$’s. Sam Bernard jumps in and offers to be lead clinician and a few of my close friends kick in a few bucks, I won’t embarrass you but know that it means the world! This enabled me to take the trip of a lifetime out to Cebu and on to the heart of the problems in the aftermath of Yolanda.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have been my best friends out here and we planned with military precision to feed the neediest kids living in Bogo, an area that was hit hard by the storm but Tacloban was getting the lions share of the help, so we went to Bogo. I didn’t count but some say we served over 1500 meals. You will see some pictures in the Cupcake Network Photo Album. We also donated to an orphanage that was in desperate need and oh the look on the faces of the girls and boys when “Santa” came, was priceless. I have made new friends here and even though they wont see this, my love goes out to Reyson, Judith, Henry and Suzy, I couldn’t have done it without them. I am now focused on providing the CISM training which we should deliver here in the first quarter of 2014, God willing.

    Thank you for your prayers, especially to my English Sister Gemma Murphy and her husband Mike. For pre-deployment lunches Mike Michael Gish and Lynette Zimmerman, you set me up right! And Gunny, the camera loaned has been a godsend! I’m sure I’m missing people but love and prayers to you all, enjoy the pictures, many more to come, but for now, the Children of the Philippines send you their love and so do I.

    Every Blessing for Christmas and New Year,
    Fr. Simon

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