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    Walking in Cebu | Update Day 10

    Good day! Father Simon here again to bring you the latest news from the Philippines. After battling a short stint with the flu and cutting through some red tape, we’re on the run with some great people with like hearts to help children and minister love, food, treats, counseling and of course prayer. We had a tremendous meeting where we were able to network with orphanages, military bases, ministries and volunteers to feed 1,000 children here in the Philippines on Christmas day. Through much effort, The Cupcake Network™ is humbled and proud at the same time to be able to purchase the materials for this meal and treats, thanks to our Cupcake Partners across the United States who participated in our Baking Love Campaign. THANK YOU!

    We were told that their favorite meal is spaghetti with meat sauce. Their favorite drink, a local juice pouch that they just love and light up when they see it. The kids also love what you in America call “suckers”, as we in Britain call “lollipops”. We’ve also found some cupcakes that will be an added treat for them also! I’m deeply gracious and honored to be here as The Cupcake Network™’s founder and representative to be supplying these precious ones with an entire feast of everything they love. 1,000 children in all! We couldn’t have done it without your love and compassion for the hearts and lives of these dear ones. Your dedication to bake cupcakes, sell them and donate the proceeds online at our website is why I’m here doing what I’m doing. God bless you all and keep your eyes on Facebook and the website for the next update.

    Fr. Simon

    Philippine Update Dec 22, 2013 from The Cupcake on Vimeo.

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