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    Walking in Cebu | Update Day 7

    Good evening, Cupcake Network Members! Fr. Simon here! Volunteering in another country can be a slow and painful process if you are a small time operator. Permits are needed and government red tape can swallow up your time. The last two days I have been in meetings to plan the best way forward and God has blessed The Cupcake Network’s mission mightily by sending the right people our way.

    A pastor from Tacloban who just happened to be in town for his sisters wedding and two LDS missionaries from the temple who were actively working with the orphanages locally are having me join them on Monday. I am tremendously excited as all of your hard work in baking cupcakes and collecting donations will deliver basketballs, toiletries and other essentials and treats to the kids as well as prayers and counseling, too!

    Of course I will be posting pictures and I would greatly appreciate your continued prayers as I continue forging through in faith on all God has ahead here in the Philippines. You will be wonderfully thrilled to know that I asked about feeding a thousand children a special meal for Christmas and the local missionaries said “Spaghetti!” It is the kids favorite meal! With that said, The Cupcake Network will fund the meal and the local church members will carry food into the area cook and serve it! WAY TO GO, Cupcake Network!

    This is why it takes time. Reinventing the wheel is foolish when people who got there before you already have wheels on the ground going in the right direction! There have been continued electrical brownouts and I have also been without wireless connectivity for almost 24 hours as I travelled to meet and network with rescue organizations. I will be filling you all in on my first pediatric PTSD case later. Much love to all of you at The Cupcake Network – my friends, colleagues and pals. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you’re continuing to do. If you’re keeping baking and donating, I will be here into the New Year and there’s a lot to do.

    Fr. Simon

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