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    The Baking Love™ campaign was created so people would commit to raising donation funds through the sale of cupcakes to family, friends, coworkers, etc. They would also enlist three of their friends to do the same by word of mouth, social media, blogs and email. These proceeds will put resources in place for The Cupcake Network™ to provide pediatric disaster relief and crisis response.


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    Send in your donations. And just in case you don't bake - donate!


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    • “Our goal is to share The Cupcake Network™ and pledge to get three others to bake, too. Our Baking Love™ campaign is focused on the Philippines this year, but this time next year it could be Atlanta, London, or Zimbabwe. One thing for sure is that while children suffer, we will continue Baking Love™.”

      Fr. Simon, Founder | The Cupcake Network™
    • 13 million people have been affected by the typhoon, according to a situation report by OCHA on November 16, 2013. The Philippine government reports 9.8 million have been affected in 44 provinces, 539 municipalities and 56 cities. Of those affected, 4.9 million are children; 1.5 million are children under the age of five who are at risk of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM), a measurement of nutritional status used to assess the severity of a humanitarian crisis.

      Typhoon Haiyan Disaster | 2013
    • Every cupcake sold allows us to reach out to the thousands of children who are at-risk and in great need. The campaign members who have baked and sold cupcakes and donated the proceeds will receive a tax receipt and a celebrity signed certificate for their participation. “Baking Love™” will put resources in place to help children and their families in the worst affected areas.

      Our Goal | The Cupcake Network™

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